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A wonderful video made by a fan for the Crocky Dile song.
How cute!

If you would like to have a Crocky Dile book reading at your event or school just email me at

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This book has great pictures and was very funny. The Crocodile is the main character of the book. The author teaches about crocodiles in a fun way.
By Good on September 4, 2014

Crocky Dile is a cute little picture book that introduces young readers to this reptile. The rhymes make for easy reading and the content is descriptive. I enjoyed this book thoroughly!
Great for animal lovers!
    By A.S. Chung on October 28, 2014

Join Crocky Dile as he swims through the River Nile. Crocky is searching, searching for his food. Always in the eating mood. Looking, looking for a fish. A fish, a fish for his next dish! Print version includes counting pages and coloring pages for interactive fun!
For young children preschool - 1st grade
Picture Book 30 pages full color

Print book $10.00 + shipping
Kindle $2.99
Also available on kindle lending - amazon

Counting and coloring pages from the book. There are more in the book, this is just a small sample so you can see what this wonderful books has to offer young children.

Sharing Crocky Dile with young ones at Baskin Robins Ice Cream Parlor. Even had a coloring contest Crocky. Winners received a free signed book and an Ice cream cone.

Below I'm doing a book reading for GK Music Open House.

After the reading the children made their own Crocky Diles.